eJMT Abstract

Title Revisiting Geometric Construction using Geogebra
Author Glenn R. LAIGO, Abdul Hadi BHATTI, Lakshmi KAMESWARI P. and Haftamu Menker GEBREYOHANNES
Volume 10
Number 1

Construction problems have always been an important part in learning Geometry. Mastering construction helps students in logical reasoning. In this paper, we will take a look at traditional construction problems and create these constructions using GeoGebra. GeoGebra, as a software, has many functions. However, in this paper, we will only make use of functions that mimics the traditional compass and straightedge construction. We will start with simple construction such as constructing angles and triangles. We will discuss construction of angle bisectors. We also use construction in showing certain properties of geometric objects, such as triangles and circles. We look at properties of angle bisectors and side bisectors of triangles, as well as chords of a circle. Finally, we will build upon these basic construction techniques to eventually show and construct more complicated theorems.