eJMT Abstract

Title Using Internet: A Teaching Strategy
Author Maxima ACELAJADO
Volume 1
Number 3

This study considered two matched groups of 39 first year computer science majors who were enrolled in ANMATH1 (Differential Calculus) during the third term, SY 2005-2006. The experimental group was taught Sketching Graphs of Equations using Internet while the control group was taught the same topic using the traditional ‘chalk and blackboard’ technology. At the end of the experiment, an achievement test was administered to the two groups and a questionnaire related to the use of Internet was also administered to the respondents of the experimental group to capture their reactions regarding the use of Internet in teaching. Findings revealed that there is no significant difference in the mean achievements of the two groups in the given subject matter. The students’ reactions to using the Internet as a teaching strategy were gathered from their responses to the items in the questionnaire.