eJMT Abstract

Title Modeling Intake and Clearance of Alcohol in Humans
Author André HECK
Volume 1
Number 3

Students can be provided insight into pharmacokinetics via compartmental models. Graphical modeling software supports this. In this paper we discuss various models that students at pre-university level could implement and use to investigate blood alcohol concentration after consumption of one or more alcoholic drinks. Results from these computer models are compared with measured data that were obtained with breath analysis equipment. The broad range of models for intake and clearance of alcohol in the human body ensures that students have great opportunity to practice evaluation and revision of their models. They can develop the critical attitude that is necessary for successful modeling of biological, chemical or physical phenomena. All models presented, ranging from a simple linear elimination model to a sophisticated physiologically based compartmental model, are used in real pharmacokinetic studies. This implies that the students’ investigation work is not only fun to do, but also resembles professional research practice.