eJMT Abstract

Title Exploring the Use of Calculators in the Singapore’s Primary Mathematics Curriculum
Author Kai Kow Joseph YEO
Volume 2
Number 1

The use of scientific calculators will be first allowed in Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) for all primary level mathematics subjects from the year 2009 onwards. All Primary 5 and 6 mathematics teachers will be expected to explore the use of calculators into their mathematics lessons from 2008 onwards. To meet the new assessment requirements, primary school mathematics teachers are required to be proficient in using the calculator and adept at facilitating pupils’ usage of the calculator. Evidence from literature review and research has showed that calculator is an effective tool for enhancement of mathematical concepts, development of mental arithmetic skills, pattern recognition, mathematical investigation, solving real-life problems and improving problem-solving ability. The purpose of this paper is to review what research says about outcome of calculator use in the learning of primary mathematics. This paper also describes six appropriate calculator activities that can be incorporated in the teaching and learning of mathematics at the primary level.