eJMT Abstract

Title Mathematics, science and technology teachers working collaboratively with ICT
Author Adrian OLDKNOW and Ron TAYLOR
Volume 2
Number 1

Supported by the Partners in Learning Programme of Microsoft and the UK Teacher Development Agency (TDA), a group of five secondary schools from Hampshire are working together on developing collaborative approaches to teaching mathematics, science, technology and allied subjects including physical education and sports. Typically three teachers from each of the schools meet with the project team for a day every two months to share their ideas and experiences in activities which foster collaborative work among maths, science and technology teachers. Between these external meetings, teachers arrange their own in-school activities to support and encourage staff in developing innovative and cross-curricular approaches to teaching their subjects. The project will disseminate experiences both in developing the collaborative practice model used, and the activities, and accompanying resources, which have been developed. These will be made available on the Microsoft Innovative Teachers website. The schools have access to a variety of ICT tools including Interactive Whiteboards, computer suites, teachers’ laptops and hand-held technology including graphing calculators and data-loggers.