eJMT Abstract

Title Using dynamic geometry software to encourage 3D visualisation and modelling
Author Adrian OLDKNOW and Linda TETLOW
Volume 2
Number 1

The Royal Society’s working group report on the teaching and learning of geometry 11-19 [6] recommended both greater attention to work in 3D and more effective use of ICT. The development of the award-winning Cabri 3D software now makes both of these goals achievable. The paper provides examples of the use of Cabri 3D in:
    a) topics within 3D geometry for students aged 11-16, such as symmetry, transformations, nets, 2D representations, areas and volumes;
    b) topics within 3D geometry for students aged 16+, such as equations of lines and planes, sections of cones and cylinders, use of vectors;
    c) activities which link subjects such as maths, technology, geography, art;
    d) opportunities for introducing new approaches such as to perspective and projective geometry.
The paper also draws on experiences gained in working with pilot schools on the introduction of the software to teachers whose own background in 3D (and other) geometry is not very strong.