eJMT Abstract

Title Use of Calculators in the Mathematics Classroom
Author Michael O. J. THOMAS, Ye Yoon HONG, Jennifer BOSLEY and Alan Gil delos SANTOS
Volume 2
Number 2

A key variable in the use of calculators in the learning of mathematics is the teacher. In turn there are many factors that influence whether an individual teacher uses the calculator, and if they do then how they use it. This study reports on a ten-year longitudinal survey data into the use of calculators in the upper secondary school. It presents the pattern of calculator use, some possible reasons for this pattern, and obstacles to increased use. In addition the relationship between calculators and national assessment and equity are examined. Results show that many teachers see benefits in using calculators in mathematics teaching although a sizeable minority are opposed to their use. Further, there is a continuing need for professional development that specifically addresses how to integrate calculators into mathematics teaching in a manner that focuses on the mathematics.