eJMT Abstract

Title Generalizing 2D Geometric Properties to 3D With the Aid of DGS
Author Dohyun KIM, Seunguk JANG, Hyobin LEE and Youngdae KIM
Volume 2
Number 2

In this paper, we would show how we could use computer programs in geometry researches. This paper contains the processes of generalizing the properties of 2D-geometry to that of 3D-geometry. In addition, we would show how we could generalize backward; we could generalize further on 2D-geometry using the properties we found in 3D-geometry. In our research, we tried to generalize triangular properties into polygons and tetrahedrons. The computer tools we used are GSP and Cabri 3D. We used GSP for 2-dimensional researches and Cabri 3D for 3-dimensional researches.