eJMT Abstract

Title Enhancing Understanding and Constructing Knowledge in Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization within the “Graphs” multimedia application
Author Eva MILKOVÁ
Volume 3
Number 1

Multimedia applications have substantially influenced education. They give teachers an excellent chance to demonstrate and visualize the subject matter more clearly and comprehensibly, as well as also enabling them to prepare study material for students which optimizes their study habits. The Theory of Graphs together with Combinatorial Optimization is a wonderful, practical discipline. On the one hand, there are many methods which can be used to solve the same problem, while on the other hand, using effective modifications of one algorithm, we can devise methods for solving various other tasks. To educate students in this area it is important to familiarize them with certain algorithms in context, in order to get deeper into each problem and understand it entirely. In this paper we present just a few ideas that have proved successful in teaching and learning this part of mathematics using the program “Graphs”, whose main purpose is to visually represent basic graph-concepts and graph-algorithms using a coloring process on graphs created within the program.