eJMT Abstract

Title Using GeoGebra to Enhance Prospective Elementary School Teachers’ Understanding of Geometry
Author Jack CARTER and Beverly J. FERRUCCI
Volume 3
Number 2

Pre-service elementary school teachers were introduced to GeoGebra through a series of activities during the initial class session in their required geometry content course. The future teachers’ performance and evaluation of the GeoGebra activities showed comparable scores and ratings to those from a class of pre-service secondary school teachers who completed the same activities during the first class session of their axiomatic geometry course. Further results showed both groups of pre-service teachers required about the same number of protocol steps to complete activities. Subsequent class topics and exercise sets encouraged participants to use GeoGebra to explore and expand their understanding of course topics. Instructors’ observations indicated improved attitudes toward geometry and increased willingness by participants to investigate dynamically and independently. Conclusions included suggestions for improving the interface between traditional content and dynamic geometry and for the development of more assessment options that focus on dynamically generated solutions to geometric problems.