eJMT Abstract

Title Internet-Based Teaching and Learning in a Mid-Size Honors Multivariable Calculus Course
Author Thomas BANCHOFF
Volume 3
Number 2

At the 2005 international symposium, Enhancing University Mathematics at KAIST in Daejeon, Korea, we reported on our ten-year experience of teaching geometry and calculus courses at all levels using the Internet both for communication and for demonstrations. At the 2007 ATCM conference in Taipei, we presented an example of an interactive article on Critical Points and Curvature based on these courses and this student-developed software. The purpose of this article is to update those two reports and to present evidence that interactive Internet-based courses can enhance teaching and learning at different scales. The primary examples come from a course at Brown University in the fall semester of 2008 on honors multivariable calculus for a class of 66 students, twice the number as in previous classes. An extensive questionnaire at the conclusion of that class provides comparative data that validate the effectiveness of some earlier modifications and suggest new directions for pedagogical research.