eJMT Abstract

Title The Impact of Structural Algebraic Units on Students’ Algebraic Thinking in a DGS Environment
Author Stavroula PATSIOMITOU
Volume 3
Number 3

The present paper attempts to bridge the world of digital technology and the world Euclid bequeathed us in his “Elements”. The role of the design process of activities in an dynamic geometry interactive environment such as that of Geometer’s Sketchpad v4 is examined, along with ways in which students can be assisted to understand algebraic concepts through geometrical reconstructions. The ways in which it can facilitate the understanding of geometrical concepts are examined, along with the bridging, between the fields of algebra and geometry, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Two volunteer teams (one control, one experimental) were evaluated with regard to their ability to represent concrete algebraic expressions using geometrical representations on cardboard. From the results, it can be concluded that the experimental team managed not only to construct the concrete identities, but also to connect them with formal reasoning