eJMT Abstract

Title Integrated Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics: Issues of Assessment
Author Greg OATES
Volume 4
Number 2

Effective integration of technology into the teaching and learning of mathematics presents a significant challenge to tertiary mathematics educators. Assessment issues are widely considered in the literature as one critical factor in technology implementation, and this was confirmed in a PhD study investigating the overall use of technology in undergraduate mathematics. This paper expands on the findings reported at the 2009 ATCM conference in Beijing. It first introduces the taxonomy developed to describe and compare technology use within individual courses and departments. The taxonomy identifies six overarching characteristics in the construction of an Integrated Technology Mathematics Curriculum (ITMC). The paper then specifically examines the Assessment characteristic of the taxonomy, using evidence gathered from an observational study of technology implementation at The University of Auckland. The findings of this study suggest that aspects of assessment such as curricular congruency, equity and the advantages and affordances provided by different technologies require continued attention and constant vigilance, if integrated technology is to be successfully implemented and sustained.