eJMT Abstract

Title Role-Playing Game-Based Learning in Mathematics
Author Bt Wan Ahmad WAN FATIMAH, Bt Shafie AFZA and Bin Abd Latif MOHD HEZRI AMIR
Volume 4
Number 2

Computer based role-playing games are able to provide a fun and motivating environment for teaching and learning of certain subjects. Role-playing games allow students to assume the role of a character in the game world and to determine the actions of their characters based on the characterization. This would provide an exciting and motivating strategy for students to practice skills that they have already learned. This paper describes the development of a role-playing game in learning mathematics. Due to its interactive and stimulating nature, the game is suitable for school children in learning this subject. The focus of the game is on decimals since most school children have difficulties in understanding this topic. This game is able to engage these children and at the same time assist them in learning the topic. Spiral methodology together with Flash 8, Photoshop CS2 and vector image editor have been employed in the development of the game. Educational elements have also been added from time to time without compromising the enjoyment of playing the game. A heuristic evaluation was conducted and positive results have been obtained.