eJMT Abstract

Title JSXGraph — Dynamic Mathematics Running on (nearly) Every Device
Author Michael GERHÄUSER, Carsten MILLER, Bianca VALENTIN, Alfred WASSERMANN and Peter WILFAHRT
Volume 5
Number 1

JSXGraph is a stand-alone library for displaying dynamic mathematics, e.g. dynamic geometry, function plotting, turtle graphics, and much more, in a web browser. It is written in JavaScript and runs on a broad variety of devices from desktop computers down to smartphones and tablet computers.

JSXGraph is able to import various file formats of Dynamic Geometry Systems like GEONExT, GeoGebra, Intergeo, and—at least partially—Cinderella. Further, it provides a programming interface (API) for the development of mathlets, i.e. special purpose programs to visualize mathematics. At the moment, JSXGraph is the only software for dynamic mathematics, which supports the whole range of computers from Desktop computers down to tablet computers and smartphones.