eJMT Abstract

Title On proving and discovering theorems by computer
Author Pavel PECH
Volume 5
Number 2

Proofs of mathematics theorems belong to the most difficult part of mathematics. For this reason proofs are often omitted at schools. But without proofs there is no mathematics. Despite this, proving or at least verification of statements should be done in teaching mathematics of all school categories. It seems that new technologies such as CAS and DGS could help remedy this state. In the last four decades new methods of proving, deriving and discovering theorems by computers were invented. At the same time various dynamic geometry software was developed. In this paper, basic methods of computer supported discovery and proving are shown. Both DGS and CAS will be used. With DGS we describe a problem and verify some related conjectures. With CAS we do rigorous proofs. The theory of automated geometry theorem proving is demonstrated with examples.