eJMT Abstract

Title Development of E-Content for Teaching Mathematics
Author Matija LOKAR
Volume 5
Number 2

As stated in numerous papers, teachers of the 21st century should be primarily oriented towards guiding the students through the learning process. In this process information and communication technology (ICT) plays a significant role and more and more e-resources are available. But analysis of the existing resources often reveals that their authors do not use the opportunities offered by new technologies. All too often e-resources are monolithic blocks. This demands that the teacher takes them as a whole, precisely in the order they were written in. Many resource authors namely forget (or neglect the fact) that most of those resources are used with a teacher as the students’ guide. Teachers are the ones who should personalize the content towards a specific student’s needs and towards the didactical situation in question. Therefore, resources should be prepared so that they can be easily adapted. The selection of proper technologies and tools for managing e-learning content, for creating and modifying e-learning content, is essential to ensure basic support and popularization of e-learning.

This paper, presents guidelines for preparing e-materials based on the idea of a “modular, interactive e-content” concept, using open-source solutions and open standards as well as some projects where e-materials have been prepared primarily in the terms of ease of adaptation, modification and guidance provided for the target group. Some preliminary resources can already be seen at http://www.nauk.si.