eJMT Abstract

Title Using analogy in generalization and conceptual learning in computer assisted learning in geometry
Author Jiři VANIČEK
Volume 5
Number 2

Analogy is one of the methods that can be, with computer support, used for development of the ability to generalize. The paper informs of a project carried out within the frame of pre-service teacher training at University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice. Within this project, technologies were used for visualization of geometrical objects, their mutual relations and dependencies, and that is both between objects in different dimensions and between geometric objects and their algebraic representations.

Using dynamic geometry software Geogebra and Cabri 3D, pre-service teachers of mathematics looked for analogical assignments and construction procedures between 2D and 3D and later also between 3D and 4D. Reactions of pre-service teachers and their ability to look for, pose and solve problems that train analogy was studied.