eJMT Abstract

Title Blended Learning: A Strategy for Improving the Mathematics Achievement of Students in a Bridging Program
Author Maxima ACELAJADO
Volume 5
Number 3

Two groups of 20 students each from the Bridging Program of the College of Saint Benilde, De La Salle University, who were enrolled in Algebra during the Second Term, SY 2009-2010, served as respondents in this study. The groups were alternately exposed to the blended learning strategy and the traditional face-to-face classroom instruction strategy. A pretest and a posttest together with a perceptions inventory related to the use of blended learning were administered to the respondents to gauge and compare their achievement in each topic and to capture their reactions regarding the use of blended learning strategy. Findings revealed that there is a significant difference in the mean achievements of the two groups in all topics under consideration in favor of the blended learning strategy. Students’ general reactions to using the blended learning strategy point to the merits of having several alternatives in learning, the improved attitude and confidence in mathematics, and the increased motivation and enjoyment afforded by this strategy in understanding the lessons.