eJMT Abstract

Title Development of Creativity Using 3D Dynamic Geometry System GInMA
Author Vladimir SHELOMOVSKII and Svetlana NOSULYA
Volume 6
Number 1

Experience of teaching mathematics with dynamic geometry system GInMA is described in this article. GInMA is the part of Interactive Mathematical Art (InMA) project, which has been used for teaching mathematics in Russian schools with in-depth study of mathematics since 2005. InMA is a tool for creating electronic textbooks; courses in algebra and geometry have been developed.

InMA project includes computer algebra system (CAS), single-stepping system (SSS), graphing tools for all kinds of functions and two kinds of dynamic geometry systems (DGS). That allows creating interactive 2D and 3D geometric images, interactive graphics and text with changeable parameters. All the constructions in the geometric part of InMA project are carried out on the screen. However, teachers prefer to use ready-made teaching packages on the topics, only adding some more lines if it is need to answer questions of curious students.

Many complex geometric problems can be represented as logical chains and a process of constructing of such a logical chain helps to develop student’s creativity. DGS help to build logic chain, allowing step-by-step to provide a common part of overlapping solids. In this paper we consider the samples of methodical sets created using dynamic geometry system GInMA.