eJMT Abstract

Title Cognitive, Meta-Cognitive, Affective, Social and Behavioral Aspects of Mobile Mathematics Learning
Author Wajeeh DAHER
Volume 7
Number 5

This study is a review of different studies which examined students’ learning in the mobile phone environment. Some of these researches treated students’ learning in general, while others treated specific aspects of students’ learning, like students’ building of mathematical knowledge and students’ emotions during the learning of mathematics. This study wants to review the already published studies regarding five aspects of students’ learning of mathematics in the mobile phone environment: the cognitive, the meta-cognitive, the affective, the social, and the behavioral aspects. This will give us a general picture of mathematics education in the mobile phone environment. The review was done through attempting to characterize the different aspects of middle school students’ learning of mathematics in the mobile phone environment, in addition to examining the factors that influenced these different aspects. Further, an attempt will be done to analyze the five aspects as a system that includes the interactions among them.