eJMT Abstract

Title Spatial ability training for undergraduate mathematics education students: Designing tasks with SketchUp®
Author Melih TURGUT and Candas UYGAN
Volume 8
Number 1

The objective of this study was to design applications with SketchUp® software for undergraduate mathematics education students in order to improve their spatial skills. We prepared the activities using the software, and they consisted of two parts, each related to mental rotation and spatial orientation. The section related to mental rotation includes the application, which requires students to guess the visualization of the geometrical shapes according to given angles in three different axes, and the section related to spatial orientation includes the studies of the visualization of a three-dimensional object through different views and its isometric drawings. These studies were based on Guay’s Purdue Spatial Visualization Test’s (PSVT) Rotations and Views sections and they are initial designs that will be included in a further experimental research project.