eJMT Abstract

Title Learning Design Map (LDMap) for Mathematics Teachers in Developing Countries and the Benefit of Its Use for Curriculum Review
Author Maman FATHURROHMAN, Anne PORTER and Annette L. WORTHY
Volume 8
Number 2

In this paper, a Learning Design Map (LDMap) to document and share mathematical teaching and learning experiences is proposed. These maps are intended to be used by mathematics teachers in developing countries. The development of the map is based on a survey that gathered information related to the real and perceived ICT infrastructure, facilities, and resources in one accessible area in a developing country. Teachers can create LDMaps. It is expected that the maps will be shared and modified by teachers and that there will be a circulation of the documentation of mathematical teaching and learning experiences among teachers through the use of this map. The LDMap is based on XML technology so that the data contained in this file can be extracted across platforms. Through mapping assessments, outcomes, resources and other attributes as considered desirable, the LDMap can be designed to facilitate curriculum review. The benefit of the use of LDMap for curriculum review is explored.