eJMT Abstract

Title Visualizing and Understanding Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing Using Excel Simulation
Volume 8
Number 3

Computer simulation methods have been used in upper level statistics classes for many years. Lately, many instructors are adopting computer simulation to introduce the concepts in the introductory level. Students in introductory statistics classes struggle to understand the basic concepts. Research has shown that the use of computer simulation methods as an alternative to traditional methods of books and lecture enhances the understanding of the concepts. Computer simulation using spreadsheets such as Excel allows students to experiment with data and to visualize the results. In this paper, we will describe how to use the simulation using Excel Data Table tool and standard functions to teach confidence intervals and hypothesis testing in introductory statistics classes. We believe, by using this hands on approach, students get a better feel for these abstract concepts. Our preliminary assessment shows that this approach would enhance the student learning of the concepts.