eJMT Abstract

Title Visualizing Fractions
Author Øystein NORDVIK
Volume 8
Number 3

This article is a presentation of the file “Visualizing Fractions” constructed in Ti-Nspire CAS. It will in some detail explain the construction itself, what it contains and the pedagogical thinking that is the basis for the construction. “Visualizing Fractions” deals with the most common forms of operations on fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By the use of sliders, two independent fractions can be determined and viewed in pie form, along with the result. The type of operation can be chosen by a slider and the result will change accordingly. One important focus of the file is to visually explain why we get the result we get. For every choice of operation, a possibility to verify the answer visually will be offered, a different approach for each of the four operations. The article contains a link to the file.“Visualizing Fractions” is freeware and can be downloaded and used with Ti-NspireCAS, Ti-NspireCAS App for iPad® or used with Ti-NspireDocument Player.