eJMT Abstract

Title Elementary Pre-service Teachers and the Internet: Perceptions and Concerns
Author Ji-Won SON and Qingtong HU
Volume 8
Number 4

Preservice teachers are encouraged to use the many available web resources for lesson planning and teaching, but little research exists on their conceptions of the resources’ quality and potential for application. As part of a larger effort to find a better way to prepare preservice teachers through teacher education programs, this study investigated the evaluations of online math teaching resources made by seventy-six preservice elementary teachers. This study also explored the challenges preservice teachers perceive integrating internet-based resources. Analysis of preservice teachers’ responses revealed quality determinants of websites in seven aspects. This study also revealed that preservice teachers intended to use websites as learning tools for teachers and as communication tools. Four themes of challenges were identified from preservice teachers’ statements regarding the integration of web-resources into mathematics instruction. Implications for teacher educators and future research are discussed in accordance with the findings.