eJMT Abstract

Title Item Bank System for the Mathematics e-Learning System STACK
Author Yasuyuki NAKAMURA, Takahiro NAKAHARA and Tetsuya TANIGUCHI
Volume 8
Number 5

System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer Algebra Kernel (STACK) is a computer-aided assessment system for mathematics, which functions as a plug-in for the learning management system Moodle. Using STACK, Moodle can provide questions for online mathematics tests. These questions typically require a mathematical expression as a response and the responses are assessed algebraically. STACK can be used to determine whether a student’s answer is correct, as well as providing appropriate feedback for various answers. Partial scores can even be provided for an incomplete answer. However, the questions must be designed carefully to take full advantage of STACK’s rich functionality. Well-designed questions can be valuable educational resources, especially in an e-learning environment. Thus, to promote the sharing of high-quality questions for use in online tests, we developed an Item Bank System for the mathematics e-learning system STACK. Using our system, users can submit authored questions in XML format to STACK along with additional metadata, including the subject, difficulty level, targeted grade and publicity level. After they have been uploaded and stored in the system, all users can utilize any of the questions that are open to the public. We expect that sharing these questions will further promote the effective use of mathematics e-learning systems.