eJMT Abstract

Title Key factors for Successful Integration of Technology into the Classroom: Textbooks and Teachers
Author Hee-Chan LEW and Seo-Young JEONG
Volume 8
Number 5

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the causes of why technology has not been integrated into mathematics teaching by teachers. We considered two aspects to examine the causes; Korean mathematics textbooks as teaching materials implementing technology, and teachers’ concern on using technology and their levels of its use. First, we analyzed the role of technology in mathematics learning and teaching, especially concentrated on 7 kinds of Korean Secondary school mathematics; Middle School Mathematics 1, 2, 3, High School Mathematics, Mathematics I and II, Pre-Calculus & Pre-Statistics, Integration & Statistics and Geometry & Vector. Secondly, we surveyed 231 Korean secondary mathematics teachers’ concerns about integrating technology into their mathematics education and the teachers’ level of its use in the mathematics classroom. We found that mathematics teachers need more proper information and support to integrate technology into teaching mathematics. Additionally, this paper suggests that educational researchers or administrators help teachers move toward more practical use of technology without emotional or physical barriers in mathematics classroom.