eJMT Abstract

Title Framework to Integrate Spreadsheet into the Teaching and Learning of Financial Mathematics
Author Chee-Keong CHONG, Marzita PUTEH and Swee-Choo GOH
Volume 9
Number 1

In this paper, we will formulate a conceptual framework to integrate spreadsheet into the teaching and learning of Financial Mathematics. A sample of 85 undergraduates taking Quantitative Techniques took part in this study. They were taught Financial Mathematics through the traditional approach in the previous trimester. A pre-test was carried out to find out their performance level. Later, they were exposed to spreadsheet approach on the same topic and a post-test was administered to assess their performance. Post-test results showed significant improvement. A survey was carried out at the same time to determine their perceptions on (i) ease of spreadsheet use, (ii) the use of spreadsheet template, (iii) awareness of the importance of spreadsheet, (iv) the urgency in learning spreadsheet and (v) the best way to integrate spreadsheet into learning of Financial Mathematics from the students’ viewpoints. A conceptual model of implementing the integration of spreadsheet into the teaching and learning of Financial Mathematics is also proposed.