eJMT Abstract

Title Teaching numerical methods using CAS
Volume 9
Number 3

University of Pécs launched different MSc and BSc programs in engineering in 2013. The curriculum involves teaching Numerical methods. Our paper summarizes our experience obtained while teaching this subject. The focus of the subject was solving model problems using Maple, a Computer Algebra System (CAS), which sometimes substitutes the exact mathematical proofing. While solving model problems we tried to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Maple computer algebra system. While composing the topics of the course, rapid development of computer algebra systems was taken into consideration. On the other hand, in this way students with limited mathematical skills are also able to understand more complex tasks, such as solutions of multivariate interpolations and regressions, or those of partial differential equations. In our paper we present some real-life examples from the course material and present some sample test questions using Maple T. A. test and assessment system.