eJMT Abstract

Title The use of GeoGebra software for typesetting mathematical text
Author Václav ŠIMANDL
Volume 9
Number 3

It is important to make the right decision on how to draw accompanying pictures when typesetting mathematical text. One option is the use of dynamic geometry software. This article deals with the possibilities of exporting pictures from GeoGebra software and the problems encountered during this process. Although GeoGebra enables effortless creation of a dynamic geometry figure, there are limited possibilities of exporting completed figures in the form of pictures. It is particularly complicated to achieve a uniform appearance of pictures created using a variety of Graphics View zooms. The basic requirement here is to ensure unity in the line thickness and font size of legends for pictures in upcoming publications. We have proposed and programmed a sophisticated module ensuring the export of figures from GeoGebra software. These improvements enable the effective creation of illustrations with the desired uniform appearance.