eJMT Abstract

Title Mathematics Intelligent Learning Environment
Author Hongguang FU, Xiuqin ZHONG and Zhong LIU
Volume 9
Number 4

An interactive intelligent learning system in mathematics is the trend of educational technology, where students can practice homework problems and take practice tests online. However, developing such a desirable online environment is still an open research area and far from perfect. In this paper, we will present a Mathematics Intelligent Learning Environment (MILE) that provides capability for automatic theorem proving for geometry and automatic equations solving for algebra. Initial design is focused to provide an interactive intelligent learning environment for junior high schools mathematics www.ihomework.com.cn. MILE automatically checks if a student’s homework is correct step by step. The system not only determines the correctness for each step, but also provides assistance on each step if a student chooses option for help. It is therefore a powerful learning tool for students that acts working as a personal tutor.