eJMT Abstract

Title Student Documentations in Mathematics Classrooms Using Digital Tools: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Findings
Author Florian SCHACHT
Volume 9
Number 5

Students face many linguistic challenges in mathematics classrooms in which digital tools are used: Not only do the students need to use the mathematical language adequately, in addition to their everyday language, but they also need to master the technical language of their digital tool. Since the distinction between CAS syntax and non-CAS syntax seems to be empirically necessary but not sufficient when looking at students’ documentation, there is a need for a qualitative analysis of different forms of language used in mathematics classrooms that uses digital tools. The theoretical framework of the study uses ideas introduced by Kant. On that basis, the reconstruction of empirical categories is described and the language that students use when working with digital tools is discussed. The qualitative analysis of an empirical example will provide a detailed description of students’ use of language.