The Center has recently reconstituted the RUEC’s internal advisory committee and is actively identifying faculty associates, participating in the Radford University Climate Action Plan, developing research opportunities for students and faculty, and continuing to develop this new website.


Our Vision:

We have refocused the RUEC toward identifying opportunities for externally-funded multidisciplinary research and service involving faculty and students.  Multidisciplinary and student/faculty work on externally funded research and teaching innovations will be facilitated within the University by regular meetings of the RUEC’s steering committee, which comprises interested faculty, staff, and students from a broad range of departments and disciplines.  Our geographic focus will be primarily but not exclusively Southwest Virginia and the Central Appalachians.

As the Center develops, we envision its impact extending to conferences, scholarly lectures; student involvement in data collection and analysis as well as service; research scholarships for students; community education (in partnership with local governments and nongovernmental organizations such as the Friends of the Rivers of Virginia); and collaborative research projects with other universities and nongovernmental organizations.

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