Geography and Geospatial Science

GEOS130: Physical Geography

Introduction to the physical geography of the Earth (atmospheric systems, biosphere, and landforms) and their interrelationships among various environmental elements.

 GEOG140: Introduction to Environmental Studies

Review of local, national, and international environmental problems, and of the various analytic and policy approaches for resolving such problems.  This course introduces students to basic scientific and policy tools for understanding and addressing environmental problems.

GEOS241: Environmental Regulation

Review of pertinent U.S. and international environmental laws and regulations, and of the principle analytic tools that inform the creation and enforcement of such laws and regulations.

GEOS335: Biogeography

Study of the processes influencing the distribution patterns of terrestrial organisms. Introduction to applied biogeography.

GEOS362: Water Resources

An introduction to the science and policy aspects of water resources with emphasis on U.S. context.

GEOS492: Land Use

Study of the concepts and perception of land use.  Course stresses compatibility of geoecologic systems and land use as well as land use planning and management.

GEOS493: Planning Techniques

Study of issues involved in comprehensive planning of communities and lands beyond urban realms.  Emphasis on discussion of major planning concerns; particular attention paid to nature of rural problems and directions in future.

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