MGNT 428. Business Policy and Strategy. (3)
Three hours lecture. Prerequisite: FINC 331, MGNT 357, MKTG340 and senior standing. A capstone course focusing on how organizations achieve sustained success in a competitive global economy. Functional skills acquired in other business classes are integrated in making ethical strategic decisions and applying them to competitive positioning. A business core requirement.
MGNT 460. Contemporary Issues in Management. (3)
Three hour seminar. Prerequisite: Senior standing and MGNT 322, or permission of instructor. Contemporary issues organizations face with emphasis on the professional conduct of business in a dynamic environment. Special topics may include business ethics, social responsibility, public affairs, competitiveness, community relations, labor relations, issues management or environmental management.
MGNT 685. Strategic Management. (3)
Three hours lecture. Prerequisites: MBA status or permission of the instructor, ACTG 611, FINC 631, MGMT 624, MKTG 641. Integrates graduate business courses in a top level strategy development course. Emphasis on environmental analysis and decision making. A capstone course; must be taken during or after the term in which the last required MBA course is taken.

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