ART 302. Exhibition Fundamentals
We discuss issues such as conservation of works of art and the effective use of supplies and materials for the art museum. The class usually spends a couple of class days restoring a work of art on campus (outside).

Art 427. American Art and Architecture
Students have the option of writing their term papers on buildings which are examples of green/sustainable architecture.

Art 303. Beginning Jewelry & Metalworking

Art 403. Advanced Jewelry & Metalworking

Art 600. Graduate Level Jewelry & Metalworking

Students meet for 2 hours, 2 times a week for the allotted number of weeks in the semester. Almost all of the materials that students use come from the earth. This includes, copper, sterling silver, gold and gemstones. I discuss safety practices for the studio, which includes proper disposal chemicals. I expose students to green trends in the jewelry industry through a variety of magazines and library books. I also introduce jewelry made from found objects and from recycled materials/objects. This is a very popular movement in contemporary jewelry making.

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