H. Francis Webster


Research team

Elizabeth Crook

Maddie Ford

Jim Freeman

Dennis Godward

Jacob Shelton

Craig Slate

Matt Sublett

Bekah Webster

Past research students

Class of 2013

Jacob Miller

Jacob Shelton

Craig Slate

Jim Freeman

Elizabeth Crook

Class of 2012

Tyler Harclerode

Travis Hayes

Tim Hemingway

Class of 2011

McAllister Council-Troche

Class of 2010

Chris Estes

Brittany Christian

Eric Young

Class of 2009

Alex Bolweg

Class of 2008

Sabrina Hash

Sam Bowling

Bryan Bean

Class of 2007

Sara Charlton

Class of 2006

Julia Hasty

Robert Moore

Robin Pulliam

Kyle Wilmsmeyer

Rob Senter

Class of 2005

Mark Bouley

Class of 2004

Mary Afraine

Class of 2003

Ozzie Lane

Brian Ingram

Jay Tuggle

Rebecca Gray

Class of 2002

Walter Badillo

Class of 2001

Ray Lees

Justin Kennemur

Class of 2000

DeDe Dalton

David Hendrickson

Benjie Doughten

Al Stafford

Class of 1998

Mike Haas

Corey Reed

Class of 1996

Richard Dill

Loubna Tazi

Class of 1995

Kevin Knepshield

Jay Johnston

Class of 1994

Tammy Russell

Class of 1993

Nam Liao

Rola Hamandi

Brian Denny