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category Banner (4)
category Connecting to RU (29)
A series of articles that explain how to connect to various RU electronic tools, activate accounts, reset passwords, etc.
category Desire2Learn (63)
category Email (15)
category Help Desk (12)
Articles geared toward aiding Helpdesk Technicians
category Mac (23)
Articles specific to Mac computer use on the RU Campus
category Multimedia Classrooms (6)
Help with equipment in multimedia classrooms
category PC / Windows (14)
All articles related to basic PC / Windows troubleshooting
category Printing and Scanning (12)
category Security and Viruses (4)
category Software - General (56)
General RU software-specific documentation
category Web Content Management System (ServiceNow) (19)

Latest Articles

article Cannot Log Into MyRU
Overview: User tries to log into...

(No rating)  2-3-2015    Views: 5936   
article How to forward email in D2L
1.) Click on “Account Settings” which is...

(No rating)  10-27-2014    Views: 13920   
article RU Software Download Site
Need to download Symantec anti-virus?Need to...

  8-25-2014    Views: 29109   
article How to install JMP on your personal computer
How to download JMP onto your personal...

  8-21-2014    Views: 29436   

Most Popular Articles

article How do I find the IP address of a network printer? (Mac)
Description: This document will show how to...

  9-28-2010    Views: 203140   
article How to add a signature to your emails (Outlook 2010)
Overview: This article describes how to set...

  6-15-2011    Views: 199128   
article How to Clear your Cache in Entourage or Outlook for Mac
Overview: This document explains how to...

  4-1-2011    Views: 187779   
article How to Create a New User Profile in Windows 7
1. Rename the users old profile located in...

  4-10-2011    Views: 187597   

Highest Rated Articles

article How to Schedule a Virus Scan using Symantec AntiVirus (Windows)
Using Symantec's AntiVirus software one...

  6-23-2010    Views: 148058   
article How to add a local printer in Windows 7
 Overview: Step by step instructions...

  9-9-2010    Views: 124864   
article How To Set or Reset Your Internet Native Banner (INB) Password Using Windows 7
Connect to the Banner VPN (Windows 7)...

  2-12-2013    Views: 92551   
article How do I change my KeyChain password?
You can change the password for your...

  10-29-2010    Views: 150963   

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