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Content Management System (CMS) Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Content Management System (CMS) isn't working as it should! What should I do?
    • Check Your Browser:  Are you using Firefox?  If not, try again in Firefox. 
    • Empty Your Cache:   If that doesn't fix the problem, try logging out, emptying your cache, restarting your browser (Firefox), and logging back in to the CMS.  


  • The changes I just made aren't showing up on the site.
    • Activate! Did you activate the page?  If not, try activating the page.  If you are a SITE AUTHOR, you will not receive a message that the page has gone into workflow.  You must then ask your SITE OWNER to activate the page before changes are visible.   If you are a SITE OWNER and your changes do not appear, try emptying your cache and restarting your browser.


  • I don't see an expected component in the Sidekick.
    • Right-click the "Drag...here" box to see what component options are available.


  • When entering Edit mode, page contents do not display. Author sees a blank screen or edit tools do not appear.
    • In the Sidekick, click on the icon for Preview mode (the magnifying glass), then quickly click on the arrow at the top of the collapsed Sidekick to re-enter Edit mode.  This should refresh the page contents.

  • How do I disable inherited components?
    • Child pages automatically inherit any sidebar components that are added to their parent page. For example, if a sidebar component was added to the Admissions landing page, then every page inside the Admissions section would automatically inherit that sidebar component (unless the sidebar was hidden on that specific page). To disable inherited components, select the "Edit" button in the sidebar's toolbar. Check the "Disable inheritance" checkbox and click "Okay."

  • How do I create intradocument links on my page? (For example, a Table of Contents or FAQ)
  • How do I add images to a table?
    • The "table" system is not set up to add images. To create a "grid" of images, use the "column" component.
      • Select the Components tab in the Sidekick. Select the Columns section by clicking on the + to open that section, if it is not already visible.
      • Drag the component labeled 3 Columns from the sidekick and drop it in the outlined space just below the left navigation. A new 3 Column component is added to the page and is ready to be edited!
      • The 3 Column Component is contained within the two blue bars. Drag Text and Image boxes into the areas with dotted lines to add content to the columns.

  • How do I hide the right sidebar?
    Sometimes you may not have content for the right sidebar. In that case, you want to hide the sidebar so a blank column does not appear.
    •    In the Sidekick, Click on the Page Properties tab.
    • Click on Page Properties. A dialog box will open. 
    • Check the box labeled Hide Right Sidebar. 
    • Click on OK.

  •  How do I change the URL of my page?
    • The www.radford.edu/content part of your URL is fixed.  If you are an academic department, the acronym for your college (i.e., chbs) is also fixed. You may change the URL that follows by: 
      • In the Sidekick, click on the Websites icon . This will open a new tab that shows the Tree List and Detail Pane
      • In the Detail Panel Highlight the page you want to rename.
      • Click on Move. A dialog box will open.
      •  In the Rename To field, type the desired URL. Note, you can only change the portion of the URL that appears after the last /. Limit the new URL to no more than two words. If the URL has two words, use a hyphen in between the two words (i.e. test-page).
      • Click on Move.
    • To have a "vanity URL" (i.e. when users type www.radford.edu/alumni they will be taken to www.radford.edu/content/radfordcore/alumni/home.html), send your URL request to webcomm@radford.edu.  Please allow up to three days for your request to be processed under normal circumstances. (During certain times of the year (Quest, registration, etc.) Information Technology has a change freeze that prevents vanity urls from being established.)

  • I am trying to link to a URL that has "https" and the CMS keeps telling me it is invalid. What do I do?
    This is a known issue.  Simply delete the "s" from the https portion of the URL.  This will allow the link to show up and the site to which you are pointing will automatically redirect the user to the https version of the page.

  • The Word document I put on my site downloads as a ZIP file in Internet Explorer. What do I do?
    • Open the document in Word.
    • Click File / Save as
    • From the drop down menu below the file name, select "Word 97-2003 Document"
    • Change your file name slightly so you know what version is now corrected
    • Click "Save"
    • Upload this new document to the Digital Asset Manager
    • Activate the file
    • Go to the page on which the file is linked
    • Unlink it from the original file and relink the new file
    • Activate the page

  • When I try to link a PDF from the Quick Links, I get an error message. What do I do?
    • Add "http://www.radford.edu" in front of the rest of the link (which typically starts with /content/dam)
    • Click OK.
    • Activate


You can find more CMS Frequently Asked Questions on the Web Communications & Services site. 


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