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A Junior Investment Analyst will assist a Senior Investment Analyst in his or her duties while working towards completing the requirements to become a Senior Investment Analyst.
- Participate in a minimum of three (3) investment analysis presentations per semester. Announce investment topic (i.e. stock) for presentation a minimum of three (3) days before presentation. Schedule a presentation time and have it approved by the Vice President of Finance a minimum of seven (7) days in advance, or less if requested by the Executive Board.
- Follow established analysis procedures and be familiar with basic investment evaluation criteria (i.e. capital asset pricing model (CAPM), security market line, discounted cash flow analysis, etc.). Present information derived from use of the SMIPO Analyst Workbook. Have documented research information and provide outline of presentation for distribution to all members and for documentation purposes.
- Stay abreast of current events affecting the broad market and its performance.
- Devote a significant amount of time outside general meetings toward investment research for the Organization.
- Be prepared to give a brief summary at each general meeting addressing current events and issues facing respective sector assignment. Be aware of upcoming dates for company earnings announcements, quarterly reports, ex-dividend date, etc.
- Be prepared to present informed view of individual stock and sector expected performance.
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