Judith Painter receives Nat Geo Explorer Grant

Judith Painter and colleague Sarah Gerrol (engineering and Tech teacher at Andrew Lewis Middle School in Salem) received a Nat Geo Explorer Grant in August. The goal is to expose students to the outdoors through hiking, canoeing, fishing, collecting data and ending with either service learning or a Geo inquiry project.

Judith reports “We have started on our field trips and guest speakers with the NGS grant this week [Nov 4]. Over the last two days we took the students on a 4.5 mile hike and a 5.5 mile hike. You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram at @jpaintergeog   We found on these trips that we were right that many of our students do not go outside and really notice nature.  We had students asking about what types of trees we found, even pine, maple, and oak with acorns.  Students were mesmerized by spiders, caterpillars, insects, and even scat that we found.  Just taking the time to get the students to look has been amazing!

“Feel free to ask questions if you have any interest in replicating or writing a NGS Grant!!!”

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