National Geographic Learn at Home Resources

Classroom Resources:

National Geographic Education Resource Library contains thousands of items like photographs, lessons, units, videos, articles, and much more that can be filtered by keyword, grade level, content type, or subject.  You can also create a free account so that you can save your searches.

We have curated a special collection to support educators, parents, and caregivers called Learn at Home as we all navigate this unprecedented time. There are seven collections and new ones will be added weekly.  These materials are categorized by age group as well as topic areas. Some of these experiences also encourage students to get offline and safely explore the outside world, such as in their backyard, their own home, or a city block. Not all students will have the ability to go outside right now, due to stay-at-home orders, so we’re trying to provide a range of materials, including those that are tech-focused and those that are low- or no-tech to give educators and families the freedom to teach and explore in multiple ways.

One of our Education Fellows, Asheley Lamb-Sinclair, launched a new resource  for educators called The Real Time Curriculum Project.    This new and really unique platform consists of a series of “minute projects,” each focused on real-time, relevant current events. The first piece is focused on the coronavirus.

#TeacherStrong:  Educators have been organizing themselves into a #TeacherStrong movement to help them find support and resources they need.  NatGeo Education fellow, Dwayne Reed is now hosting a weekly Twitter chat under #TeacherStrong each Sunday evening at 8:00pmEDT.  There are also lots of online conversations happening under this hashtag so check it out on social channels. 3/30 Twitter chat focused on the topic:   Learning at home with low-tech/no-tech.

Student Experiences

We have launched a DAILY Explorer Classroom event on YouTube. This will appear every weekday for the foreseeable future.  Anyone can register here. Explore Classroom is an opportunity to connect young people with scientists, researchers, storytellers and other real-world role models/problem-solvers as they go out in the field, and helps students develop an explorer’s mindset. You will find parent guides to support each event with an educator guide coming soon.

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