Nat Geo opening Meridian Projects and National Geographic Society Grants Program

Meridian Projects—previously known as Explorer Community Collaboration Grants—empower our community of National Geographic Explorers to collaborate and connect across disciplines to maximize and accelerate impact through innovative, interdisciplinary projects and solutions. The deadline for this opportunity is November 3, 2021. Learn more and find application here.

National Geographic Society Grants Program provides seed funding and support to early career individuals, as well as those more advanced in their careers, who are working to address critical challenges, advance new solutions, and inspire positive transformation. The deadline for these opportunities is November 18, 2021. Learn more and find application here.

This program is categorized into two levels:

  • Level I (formerly known as Early Career Grants): Funding for individuals who may be earlier in their career, or those looking to establish themselves better in their field, who are not already National Geographic Explorers. (2019-2020 Young Explorers and recipients of the COVID-19 Emergency Journalism and Remote Learning Funds may apply for Level I).
  • Level II (formerly known as Exploration Grants): Funding for seasoned experts who have led multiple projects with well-defined strategies and long-lasting impact goals. Anyone can apply, including current National Geographic Explorers.
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