Virginia well-represented when 2012 AP Human Geography exams were scored

Top Row:  Charles Manyara, Shannon Castello, Don Zeigler, Catherine LaRocco, Allison Anthony, Georgeanne Hribar, Barbara Crain, Ed Kinman, Lyne Everhart, Penny Anderson
Bottom Row:  Joe Enedy, Molly Sandling, Valerie Mervine, Thane Osterdahl, Adam Daniels, Burl Self, Barbara, Houston, Farhang Rouhanid
Not Pictured: Francis Coffey, Sarah Cranford, Daniel Whalen

Twenty one High School, Community College and University educators from Virginia met with approximately 400 others from across the U.S and several other countries to score about 96,000 AP Human Geography exam booklets consisting of three questions each. The seven day event of reading, scoring (8am-5pm) and socializing marked the 12th year for the HUMAN GEOGRAPHY examination. Cincinnati’s Duke Energy Convention Center was and will be the site for the foreseeable future.

Virginia was led by question leader Don Zeigler (Question 3) and table leaders Lyne Everhart (Question 1), Joe Enedy (Question 2) and Valerie Mervine (Question 3). Be proud Virginia—near the end of the reading it was announced that Don Zeigler will be “shadowing” Dave Lanegran, Current Chief Reader, in 2013 and assuming that role for the 2014 reading.





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