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ITEC 325

D2Lbreeze (snow day)

itec325 project feedback

Due May.01 (Fri.) 17:00


Team Number                    Your role/responsibility                                                                                                     

Evaluation of other teams

Go to the websites, and actually try out each product, for each other team.

Note that you are allowed to try to enter “bad” inputs — either into the form, or POST/GET requests. However, do not attempt to inject SQL which alters (much less drops) any tables; you certainly can try to enter information which yields error messages, ill-formatted HTML pages, or even “bad” rows being stored in the table. Likewise, do not use tools/attacks that do more than make POST/GET requests. Keep in mind, other students may be trying such values on your forms — use htmlspecialchars, mysql_real_escape_string, and stripslashes (with get_magic_quotes_gpc()) as appropriate.

Imagine that you have six dear relatives, each starting a business in our class's project areas (what a coincidence!). For a gift, you will invest in each of the other teams' products. Make your judgement based on the product as presented and as you have tried it on-line, plus (say) 10hrs of touch-up work.

Fortunately you just won $60,000 in the lottery2, and you'll allocate that among your six investments (e.g. $20000 to one team, $10000 to each of four others, and nothing to the last.) (Don't enter any an amount next to your own project — you've already invested enough in your own project!)

Any other particular comments?

Evaluation of your team

Consider your teammates in light of the following categories:

Please rate your teammates on a scale of 1-9 (5 = okay/good/expected; 9 = outstanding)

Reflection on your project

What was your favorite part of your team's project?
(Is there a feature, idea, or bit of code that you are particularly proud of, personally?)

What would you do differently, if you had it to do over?

What tips/suggestions would you give next year's project teams?

2 Unless, of course, you want to make a donation to the state school system (at 50% efficiency).      

1Don't play the lottery.2      

D2Lbreeze (snow day)

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