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ITEC 325

D2Lbreeze (snow day)


For this course, teams of four students will design a web application. Some examples of the sorts of things that can be done are:

You encouraged to suggest your own projects, perhaps inspired by the suggestions above. However, your project must include the following features1:

Checkpoints include:

  1. (due Feb.13 23:59; email to me (one per team)) Choose teams and projects.

    Choose one team member as liaison, that I'll channel all communication through. The liaison should send me the names of the team-members, and a 3-sentence description of their project.

  2. (due Feb.23) Submit a proposal (10%): You aren't locked in by this proposal; it is intended to make sure you have thought through what you need to do, and that the entire group understands exactly what functions will be implemented.

    (Details to follow:) You will also have to have a git account working (presumably on or Have a README file for the project, which includes the team name and their members (as well as usual README info: a quick overview of the project, what sub-directories include what major components of your project). Everybody should be pushing their changes to this repo regularly; I'll glance at the project's log. Add as a team-member to the git project!

  3. (due Mar.1718) Prototype (10%), with a class demonstration (10%):
  4. (due Apr.01) Progress report (5%):
    A short written summary of progress and problems-encountered (less than one page), including which team-members have been contributing to which component(s).
  5. (due Apr.29 and May.01) Final project (40%), with a class demonstration (15%):
    Full data validation and database connectivity.
    In your demo, include a few moments to talk about technical and managerial difficulties you encountered (expected or not).
  6. (due May.01 (Fri) 23:59) Peer evaluation (10%):
    Evaluate both other groups' presentations, and your teammates. project-team-feedback—itec325 project feedback
Due dates are at the start of class, unless indicated otherwise.

Archiving your project

The project-accounts will be cleared, a few weeks into the summer! If you want to keep a copy of your work…

If you archive your project, you might want to share your files with your teammates.

1If you have an external client, their requirements trump my list. However, if you learn that there are features below that aren't included at all, contact me before the proposal deadline, and we'll work something out.      

D2Lbreeze (snow day)

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