Spatial Thinking About Maps: Development of Concepts and Skills Across the Early Years, by Audrey Mohan and Lindsey Mohan.

A report  prepared for National Geographic Education Programs as part of their mission to design and improve educational resources provided to educators and families. PDF.

Explorer Classroom, National Geographic

Explorer Classroom has a new showtime intended for PreK-3rd grade learners each Monday at 11AM EST! You can join live, 30-minute shows on YouTube with a presentation and time for learners Q&A. Be sure to register online and check out the Event Guide for classroom and family experiences! Want to see past episodes? Explorer Classroom: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C89tn1a05CUm777x3gv_qkACHIqjKbyIY_zI3VnVK1Y/edit

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