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NCGE Publications

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The Journal of Geography is NCGE’s flagship peer-reviewed journal, now in its 111th volume, featuring innovative approaches to geography research, teaching, and learning. Content includes research-based articles, commentaries, symposia, and book reviews.  It is published six (6) times per year.

The Geography Teacher provides resources meant to be directly applicable to the classroom, including lesson plans, background information on important geographic concepts, and essays about pedagogy and learning at the primary and secondary levels.  It is published biannually.

AP Human Geography by Jody Smothers MarcelloEngaging Students in   Constructing an Understand of Human Geography: The lessons in this   publication are designed in three facets important to success in AP Human   Geography.

  • SYNTHESIS: Due to the nature of geography, the disciplinary mind in geography naturally demands synthesis. At its most basic level,  geography synthesizes concepts from the human and physical worlds.
  • INQUIRY: Geography is a field of inquiry. The lessons chosen for inclusion in this publication engage students in the inquiry process and our organized so as to give teachers a way to manage this process within the APHG classroom and course.
  • SPATIAL DATA: Students need more practice reading maps. This does not mean learning place locations, but being able to critically interpret the information presented. Students who were able to read and understand the maps generally got the highest scores.

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A Geographic View of World History by Herb Thomson

The thirty-two lessons included here were created to supplement and enhance a standard World History curriculum and were designed primarily for students in their first or second year of high school. However, many of the lessons would also be appropriate for advanced middle school students enrolled in a World Geography course and for AP Geography students as well. These lessons can be used as is, or by adopting key concepts or components into your own lesson plans. They can also be used as individual assignments, occasional group projects, or even as class activities or discussions. While history is primarily a temporal social science, geography is a spatial one. As long as their unique perspectives are appreciated and valued, when taken together they can be a truly powerful combination and the key to understanding our past, present, and future. These lessons and the concepts they contain are valuable and easy to use or adapt. Refresh your own understanding of geography, engage students and help them reach a higher level of geographic literacy.

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 Geography in America’s Schools, Libraries and Homes by Donald C. Dahmann

Geography in America’s Schools, Libraries and Homes: provides the first comprehensive bibliography ever compiled of geography books published in the United States from the initial work, issued in 1777, through the beginning of the modern era of book publishing in the early twentieth century-some 1,600 works.  The accompanying text reviews numerous aspects of this body of literature, which covers a broad range of physical and human geography topics; regional geographies of the United States and other portions of the world; techniques for teaching geography that range from map drawing and field trips through the use of globes, puzzles, atlases, and adventure novels; and geographies to inform the study of Biblical, ancient, and modern history.  While most of these works were intended for the education of students in classrooms, many were written for adults seeking to understand their contemporary world.  The review essay reveals that formerly Americans were far more curious about Earth’s physical environment and how humans have come to use and settle upon it than we seem to be in the early twenty-first century.

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Geographic Literacy in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities in the NCLB Era

This collection of essays provides a retrospective view of the substantial effort made by geographers to engage issues that have inhibited the development of geographic education (GeoLiteracy) in the United States over the last decade. In particular, the essays evaluate the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act, which has brought profound change to public education in the United States.

Forward by Joseph Kerski and Daniel Edelson. Edited by Gary S. Elbow, David J. Rutherford and Christopher Shearer. Essays by Zoe A. Barley, Richard G. Boehm, Nicolas Boyon, Ryan Daley, Ronald I. Dorn, John Douglass, Gale Olp Ekiss, Kerry S. Engler, Susan White Frazier, Charles F. Gritzner, Elizabeth R. Hinde, David A. Howarth, Todd W. Kenreich, Joseph Kerski, David A. Lanegran, Michael Libbee, Marty Mater, Zachary A. Moore, Keith R. Mountain, Sharon E. Osborn Popp, David J. Rutherford, Larry Schaftenaar, Donna Schoeller Sprague, Barbara Trapido-Lurie
and Scott L. Walker.

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A Teacher’s Guide to Advanced Placement Human Geography 

Seven essays provide a rich contemporary perspective on the major themes of Advanced Placement Human Geography with contributions from Thomas Bell, Stanley Brunn, Roger Downs, Kenneth Foote, Phillip Gersmehl, Margaret Gripshover, Truman Hartshorn, Ines Miyares, and Shanon O’Lear.

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Geography Undergraduate Programs: Pathways to Success By Lawrence E. Estaville

This research and experienced based volume provides a comprehensive framework and practical suggestions for building strong undergraduate geography programs.

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The Giant Floor Map Kit

The Giant Floor Map Kit is an innovative, interdisciplinary kit for teaching K-8 concepts in a geographic context. The Kit includes a one-of-a-kind, two-layered map of the United States, as well as a book of hands-on activities, lesson plans and 50 state foam puzzle pieces.

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