VGA Virginia Floor Map and Lessons


Map is 8’ x 16’ and will fit in most classrooms.  Image is aligned to the Atlas of Virginia.  Sample lesson plans and suggested resources for building a floor map kit, map labels as well as a new version of the Atlas are in the process of being developed to align with the 2015 Standards of Learning and Curriculum Frameworks.

Note: floor maps are designed for indoor use only, and students should wear clean, white socks when walking on the map.  Specific care instructions should be shipped with the map to avoid damaging the map. Please see care instruction below:

How to take care of the VGA Floor Map:

  • Make sure that the children or people walking on the map wear clean, white socks and no shoes.

  • When storing, roll your map up, taking care to be sure there is a piece of foam inserted on the first roll so the color side does NOT touch!!  The packaging you received your floor map in is perfect for this, so save it. (Do not fold the floor map; folding the floor map can leave creases on the folds.)

  • Store the floor map in a climate-controlled, dry place, out of direct sun and away from heating vents.

  • Clean lightly with water and/or mild soap.  Do not use an abrasive cleaner. Dry the floor map thoroughly with a soft cloth, not paper towels or out in the sun.  Make sure the floor map is dry before rolling up using the foam insert.

Teacher feedback on using the Virginia floor map with students:

  • “Our students saw how our state geography impacted early settlement patterns much better using this map and interacting with each other.”
  • “ Science and social studies teachers are both checking out the map, lots of possibilities!”


Lesson plans have been prepared by Kathy Jefferson, Fuqua School, Farmville, to use with the VGA floor map. The map measures 8’ X 16’ and emphasizes the physical features of the state.

Lesson 1. Simon Says Explore. Designed for grades K-5.

Lesson 2. Where’s My Town/City on the Map? GIS lesson designed for grades 4-5.

Lesson 3. Regions and Resources of Virginia. Designed for grade 4.

Resource cards for use with Lesson 3:

GIANT MAPS CAMP. a 4-day set of activities utilizing the Giant Traveling State Map and the Giant Traveling Map of North America. Grades 1-4.


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